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Timothy E. Lengkeek, Attorney at Law

Timothy Lengkeek has a law practice in Wilmington (DE)
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Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in Bankruptcy Law, Business Law, Elder Law, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property, Personal Injury, Real Estate Law, Tax Law, Trusts & Estate Planning, Wills & Probate matters.
1000 West Street 17th Floor Wilmington, DE 19899
Phone: 302-571-6605, Fax: 302-576-3308   Map It
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Bankruptcy Law: Bad Credit History, Chapter 11, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Collections, Disputes With IRS, Personal Bankruptcy
Business Law: Antitrust Law, Domestic, Business Formation (Bying & Selling Business, Corporations, Joint Venture, LLC, LLP Formation & Disputes, Partnerships), Commercial Bankruptcy, Commercial Leasing, Contracts involving State & Minicipality, Corporate Finance & Taxation, Creditor's Rights, Customs Disputes, Directors' & Officers' Liability, False Advertising, Federal Contracts, Foreign Investments, Franchising, Gaming Law, Government Construction Contracts, International Transactions (Imports & Exports Operations, International Arbitration, International Business Operations, International Trade Regulations), Locating Funds, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures, Mortgages & Foreclosures, Non-Profit Corporations, Professional Corporations, Public Offerings, Reorganizations & Restructuring, RICO Act, State & Minicipal Bonds, Trade Associations, Unfair Competition, Venture Capital
Elder Law: Age Discrimination, Elder Care (Elder Abuse, Elder Care, Nursing Homes, Medicare & Medicaid Issues, Social Security), Estate Taxes & Gift Taxes
Environmental Law: Alternative Energy, Dumping & Disposing, Hazardous Waste, Minerals & Mining, Natural Resources, Public Utilities
Intellectual Property: Copyright, Entertainment Law, Patent Prosecution, Trademark
Personal Injury: Car Accidents, Construction accidents, Defective Products (Design Defects & Manufacturing Defects, Unsafe Drugs & Other Products), Intentional Torts (Assault & Battery, Conversion, Dog Bites & Animal Attacks, False Imprisonment, Slander & Libel, Trespass), Mass Accidents (Air Crash, Bus, Train, Subway Accidents), Slip & Fall, Dangerous Conditions, Toxic Torts (Asbestos Exposure, Pesticides, Tobacco, Toxic Exposure; Hazardous Waste, Toxic Mold), Wrongful Death
Real Estate Law: Building Codes, Commercial Real Estate (Commercial Leasing, Commercial Real Estate Purchase & Sale), Construction Contracts & Disputes, Boundaries, Construction Litigation, Eminent Domain, Foreclosure, Mechanic's Liens, Mortgages, Residential Real Estate (Condominiums & Cooperatives, Homeowners' Associations, Residence Purchase & Sale (Condos, Coops, Houses)), Title Litigation, Zoning Regulations, Land Use
Tax Law: Audit Defence, Business Audit Defence, Corporate Income Taxes, Estate Taxes & Gift Taxes, International Taxation, IRS Filing & Compliance, Personal IRS Disputes, Property Taxes, Sales Tax & Use Tax, Tax Evasion Defence, Tax Planning
Trusts & Estate Planning: Charitable Trusts, Estate Administration, Living Trusts, Power of Attorney
Wills & Probate: Probate, Wills drafting
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  • Delaware (DE)
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    New Castle: Wilmington

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