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Stan McAfee, Attorney at Law

Stan McAfee has a law practice in Kansas City (KS)
Lawyer has experience representing clients in various areas of Law.
1300 North 78th Street, Kansas City, KS 66112
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    Wyandotte: Kansas City
    Legal News
    Supporters Of Immigration Reform Show Up At Kris Kobach's Doorstep
    WIBW ... a town hall meeting in Kansas City, Kansas to discuss immigration reform. The non-profit organization was calling on support of citizenship for 11 million undocumented Americans. Kobach is a conservative Republican and former law professor who ... more »
    Kan. pondering US Supreme Court's voter law ruling
    San Francisco Chronicle Kobach helped draft tough laws in Arizona and Alabama for cracking down on illegal immigration but said he had no hand in Arizona's proof-of-citizenship measure. But critics contend the Arizona and Kansas laws are so similar that the Supreme Court ... more »
    Kobach thinks Kansas voting law unaffected by Supreme Court ruling
    Kansas City Star While Kobach wrote the Kansas statute on voter ID – and has advised and represented Arizona on its immigration law – he said he had no role in drafting Arizona's voter ID requirements, which were established by a ballot initiative in 2004. He said when ... more »

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