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David L. Yewell, Attorney at Law

Yewell Law, LLC
David Yewell has a law practice in Owensboro (KY)
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Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in Administrative Law, Business Law, Constitutional Law & Civil Rights, Environmental Law, Labor & Employment Law, Landlord & Tenant Law, Military Law & Military Benefits, Real Estate Law, Trusts & Estate Planning, Workers Compensation matters.
221 West Second Street Owensboro, KY 42303
Phone: (270)685-3901, Fax: (270)926-2005   Map It
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Administrative Law: Administrative Hearings, Federal Regulations, Investigations, Regulatory Enforcement
Business Law: Advertising, Antitrust Law, Domestic, Banking Law (Investment Crimes, Investment Funds Fraud), Business Formation (Bying & Selling Business, Corporations, Creation, Hedge Fund Formations, Joint Venture, LLC, LLP Formation & Disputes, Partnerships), Commercial, Commercial Bankruptcy, Commercial Leasing, Communications & Media, Construction & Development, Contracts involving State & Minicipality, Controlled Substances Law, Corporate Finance & Taxation, Creditor's Rights, Customs Disputes, Debt Collection, Debt Settlement, Directors' & Officers' Liability, False Advertising, Federal Contracts, Federal Grants, Foreign Investments (Emerging Markets Capabilities), Franchising, Gaming Law, Government Construction Contracts, Institutional Investing, Interests, Internal Investigative Services, International Transactions (Imports & Exports Operations, International Arbitration, International Business Operations, International Law, International Trade Regulations), Licensing, Locating Funds, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures, Mortgages & Foreclosures, Non-Profit Corporations, Professional Corporations, Public Offerings, Reorganizations & Restructuring, RICO Act, State & Minicipal Bonds, Trade Associations, Unfair Competition (False Designation of Origin), Venture Capital (Financial Markets Analysis)
Constitutional Law & Civil Rights: Affirmative Action, Age, Gender, Race & National Origin Discrimination, Eminent Domain, Freedom Of Information, Freedom Of Press, Freedom Of Speech & Religion, Native Americans, Religious Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Unlawful Search & Seizure
Environmental Law: Alternative Energy, Dumping & Disposing, Floodplain, Forest Preservation, Hazardous Waste, Minerals & Mining, Nanotechnology law, Natural Resources, Park & Historic Preservation Law, Pest Control Law, Pollution, Public Utilities, SEQRA Regulations
Labor & Employment Law: Affirmative Action, Collective Bargaining, Discipline/Suspension, Employment & Discrimination (Age, Race & Sex Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, Employee Rights), Employment Contracts, Family Medical Leave & Pregnancy Discrimination, Federal Personnel, Fires and Firefighters Law, Government Employees, Immigration Reform & Control Act(IRCA), Labor Disputes, RRB disability, Sexual & Other Harassment, Undocumented Workers, Unfair Labor Practices, Unions, Wrongful Termination
Landlord & Tenant Law: Dangerous Premises, Disputes with neighbors, Evictions, Housing Discrimination, Landlord & Tenant Disputes (Forcible Entry & Detainer, Holdover Proceeding), Mold Claims and Habitability
Military Law & Military Benefits
Real Estate Law: Building Codes, Commercial Real Estate (Commercial Leasing, Commercial Real Estate Purchase & Sale, Drainage Law, End Loans, Hotel & Hospitality Law), Construction Contracts & Disputes, Boundaries, Construction Litigation, Eminent Domain, Foreclosure, Hotel REIT Practice, Industrial Development Issues, Mechanic's Liens, Mortgages, REITs and Limited Partnerships, Residential Real Estate (Condominiums & Cooperatives, Homeowners' Associations, HOPE VI Distressed Housing, Predatory Lending, Residence Purchase & Sale (Condos, Coops, Houses)), Restrictive Covenant Injunctions, Title Litigation, Zoning Regulations, Land Use
Trusts & Estate Planning: Asset Protection, Charitable Trusts (Foundations), Estate Administration, Gifts, Guardianship & Conservatorship, IRA, Living Trusts, Power of Attorney, Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts (Fiduciary Responsibility)
Workers Compensation
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  • Kentucky (KY)
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    Daviess: Curdsville, Maceo, Maple Mount, Owensboro, Philpot, Stanley, Utica, West Louisville, Whitesville

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    Corporate Finance & Taxation >> Business Law
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