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Paul L. Letourneau, Attorney at Law

Paul Letourneau has a law practice in South Portland (ME)
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33 Evans Street, South Portland, ME 04106
Phone: (207)767-1788, Fax: (207)767-1766   Map It
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    Cumberland: South Portland
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    Lindsey Graham's “breakthrough” immigration victory math — 2/3 of Republicans ...
    legal Insurrection (blog) Log in to Reply. 0. 1. Estragon | June 17, 2013 at 10:55 pm. The word in the House is that Boehner will follow the Hastert Rule – no immigration bill that isn't supported by a majority of the caucus will get a floor vote. Leave a Comment. Notify me of ... more »
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    Give me your spouse beaters ….
    Daily Caller But the most controversial part of the bill might be the specific actual misdemeanors that won't stop an undocumented immigrant from being more or less instantly legalized: They include, not just DUI offenses, but also domestic violence and child abuse ... more »

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