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Michael O. Mead, Attorney at Law

Michael Mead has a law practice in Hastings (NE)
(402) 463-0555
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200 N. Burlington Ave Suite 200, Hastings, NE 68901
Phone: (402) 463-0555, Fax: (402) 463-0599   Map It
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    A tough journey towards political settlement The formation of Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO/KIA) in early 1961 and the Ne Win's military coup in 1962 marked significant increase in the intensity of conflict between the two sides. A large number of Kachins serving in the Myanmar military ... more »
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    theft of trade secrets
    “One may use his competitor's secret process if he discovers the process by reverse engineering applied to the finished product; one may use a competitor's process if he discovers it by his own independent research; but one may not avoid these labors by taking the process from the discoverer without his permission at a time when he is taking reasonable … Full Definition »
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