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Roxana I. Marchosky, Attorney at Law

Roxana Marchosky has a law practice in Windham (NH)
Lawyer has experience representing clients in various areas of Law.
P.O. Box 845, Windham, NH 03087
Phone: 603-315-0541, Fax:    Map It
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  • Massachusetts (MA) 1974
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    Films document decades of LGBT equality fight
    The GA Voice They also wanted “the maximum amount of legal protection that we can get,” having already gone through the needlessly complicated process of drawing up wills that would withstand probate. Their weddings involve a number of longtime friends and ... more »
    Hillsborough County register of probate feels job is gutted, files petition ...
    The Union Leader He asks the court to “immediately cease allowing an un-elected person to act and perform the powers and authority granted rightfully and only to the petitioner by the authority of the New Hampshire Constitution.” Whether the judges will reverse aspects ... more »
    United States: Same-Sex Couple's Estate Plans
    Mondaq News Alerts (registration) Even if, as many observers believe, the US Supreme Court strikes down parts of Defense of Marriage Act ("DOMA"), married same-sex couples will still face legal uncertainty that opposite-sex couples do not. For example, Section 2 of DOMA, which was not ... more »

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    stands for Latin "friend of the court". In many cases involving public interest court invites a person or an organization to provide an impartial view on the issue and help the court to come to a just decision. Such person or organization files a brief in amicus curiae supporting one of the party's position. Brief in amicus curiae is submitted by a … Full Definition »
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