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Gerald M. Brenner, Attorney at Law

Gerald Brenner has a law practice in Woonsocket (RI)
Lawyer has experience representing clients in various areas of Law.
1625 Diamond Hill Rd, Woonsocket, RI 02895
Phone: 401-769-3447, Fax:    Map It
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  • Massachusetts (MA) 1965
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    City Council Stated Meeting - December 8, 2005
    Gotham Gazette Another bill passed by the council (Intro 379-A) requires landlords who receive certain tax subsidies to purchase energy efficient appliances for their tenants' apartments. Under the measure, when an appliance breaks down or is replaced, a landlord who ... more »
    OMGPD: Family Business It all began when the 38-year-old landlord called his tenant at 5 a.m. and allegedly told her to move out so he could move back in. (FYI: Rhode Island law states that tenants must be given a warning a month in advance of eviction.) When the tenant... more »
    States That Legalize Health Benefits Of Medical Marijuana
    Guardian Express Banks are regulated by the federal government and cannot loan money for a business venue that is in violation of federal law. Many landlords shy away from renting to a tenant they may not be welcomed in the neighborhood or put the landlord in violation ... more »

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    An alien coming to the United States secretly on an airplane or vessel without legal status of admission. Such an alien is subject to denial of formal admission and return to the point of embarkation by the transportation carrier. … Full Definition »
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