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Gerald M. Brenner, Attorney at Law

Gerald Brenner has a law practice in Woonsocket (RI)
Lawyer has experience representing clients in various areas of Law.
1625 Diamond Hill Road Suite 201, Woonsocket, RI 02895
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  • Rhode Island (RI)
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    Rhode Island

    Providence: Woonsocket
    Legal News
    In Embattled Detroit, No Talk of Sharing Pain
    New York Times (blog) A bankruptcy in Detroit would have no precedent, despite an unusual flurry of municipal bankruptcies after the financial crisis. Rhode Island hurriedly passed a law giving municipal bondhholders priority over other creditors, including retirees, just ... more »
    Cecil Smith Jr. at center of SouthCoast controversies for 50 years Rhode Island authorities charged Smith with stealing buoys from Newport harbor in 1981. All those charges ... A judge ordered Smith to stop dumping on the Old Fall River Road site in 1974, but six months later he wrote to the Board of Health promising ... more »
    Revenge or Revival, Perry Raids Blue State Jobs With New Vigor
    TIME He is just one of several gun manufacturers in the New England area who are concerned about new guns laws passed after the Newton school shooting. With 200 employees and ten machinery workshops, moving his company would be no small task. more »

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