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Margot L. Stone, Attorney at Law

Margot Stone has a law practice in Brattleboro (VT)
(802) 258-2827
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120 Western Avenue, Brattleboro, VT 05301
Phone: (802) 258-2827, Fax: (802) 257-3547   Map It
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    Windham: Brattleboro
    Legal News
    Trespassing ? West River Trail route questioned
    Brattleboro Reformer The former railway subsequently "was not used for public purposes by the state of Vermont, and it has not been used for public purposes since the 1930s," the letter says. Therefore, the attorneys conclude, ... It may fall to attorneys for both sides to ... more »
    Land in Conflict: Managing and Resolving Land Use Disputes
    Sacramento Bee It draws from the fields of negotiation, consensus building, collaborative problem solving, alternative dispute resolution, public participation, and public administration. The result is a more public, collaborative process designed to tease out the ... more »
    Dangerous Precedent or Slippery Slope?
    Energy Collective The governor of Vermont last year established the “Energy Generating Siting Policy Commission” after citizens protested a proposed wind farm (meanwhile, the legislature proposed a wind farm moratorium bill). The main purpose of the governor's ... The ... more »

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