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Jennifer L. Dowdy, Attorney at Law

Jennifer Dowdy has a law practice in Charleston (WV)
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600 Quarrier Street, Charleston, WV 25325
Phone: (304)347-1138, Fax: (304)343-3058   Map It
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  • West Virginia (WV)
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    West Virginia

    Kanawha: Charleston
    Legal News
    EEOC files lawsuit against Virginia-based company
    WVVA TV BALTIMORE (AP) - The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against a Virginia-based company. The commission announced the lawsuit Monday against Performance Food Group Inc. Joe Vagi, a company ... more »
    Judge: Arbitration case presents 'exceptional circumstances' for abstention
    West Virginia Record “(M)any of the state court defendants were not part of the arbitration agreement, and therefore piecemeal litigation would likely have nonetheless resulted if the petitioners moved in state court to compel arbitration and the state court granted the ... more »
    WV Supreme Court: Engineering company will not receive recovery
    State Journal Bullock later approached Lane in December 2003 about the potential of litigation in this matter. Gaddy and Bowles Rice entered into an agreement in February 2004, in which Gaddy would evaluate potential claims of their clients and other Columbia land ... more »

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    Antenuptial agreement
    Antenuptial agreement, also known as Prenuptial Agreement, means an agreement between a man and woman before marriage, but in contemplation and generally in consideration of marriage, by which the property rights and interests of the prospective husband and wife, or both of them, are determined, or where property is secured to either or both of them, to … Full Definition »
    Divorce & Separation >> Family Law
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