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Jennifer L. Dowdy, Attorney at Law

Jennifer Dowdy has a law practice in Charleston (WV)
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600 Quarrier Street, Charleston, WV 25325
Phone: (304)347-1138, Fax: (304)343-3058   Map It
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  • West Virginia (WV)
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    West Virginia

    Kanawha: Charleston
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    County looks to begin transition
    The Daily Times The staff of the clerk's office also is entrusted with permanent court records such as births, deaths, marriages and mortgages, and probate records such as wills and estates, she said. Straight oversees an office of five staff members in the recording ... more »
    DIY Will App on Sale; includes Do-It-Yourself Will, Manual and More
    prMac (press release) As users read the manual, which is similar to an executive summary, and complete building blocks for the DIY will, they are taught how probate enters into the picture, how guardianships for children work, how IRA distributions are treated and taxed ... more »
    Avoid probate court by putting homes in trust
    Palm Beach Post Without the proper planning, your home in Florida will be probated in Florida, and your home in Connecticut will be probated in that state in an "ancillary" probate. That's two probate court proceedings, two sets of legal fees, and two potential ... more »

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    strict liability
    a legal doctrine that makes a persons responsible for damages their actions or failure to act cause, regardless of any "fault" on their part. Plaintiff if such action does not have to prove "negligence". See also: liability, negligence . … Full Definition »
    Intentional Torts >> Personal Injury
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